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M62 - Your Local History

A lot of finds were uncovered during the archaeological evaluation carried out for the M62 Junction 6 Improvement scheme so we thought it would be nice to provide an interactive website so you can see what we found.


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The National Traffic Control Centre collects real-time information on road conditions

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Don't Cross or Walk Along Motorways

The Highways Agency aims to make more people aware of the dangers of walking or crossing our motorway. We have launched a poster and radio campaign aimed at 16-25yr olds. Hopefully with our hard hitting posters, our message will come across.

Meet the Ancestors

Find out about the history of roads and the work the Agency does to preserve archaeological remains.

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Road Worker Safety

The Highways Agency manages one of the busiest high-speed road networks in the world. Because of the high volume of traffic, this brings increased risks to those who work on the network to ensure that it is kept safe and in good condition for millions of road users.

Due to recent fatalities of Highways Agency road workers, the agency has highlighted the continuing need to focus on the safety for this group in particular and for all workers on the network in general. Further initiatives are necessary to drive the reduction of casualties to road workers. The Government, Highways Agency, and its suppliers and stakeholders are committed to make improvements in the measures taken to protect our valuable workforce.

The links below provide information on the research the Highways Agency has implemented, as well as the strategies they have developed to help improve road worker safety.

The Road Worker Safety Strategy and Action Plan are part of Aiming for Zero, the Highways Agency's vision and strategy for health and safety across its workforce.

Road Worker Safety Information
Road Worker Safety Strategy
Road Worker Safety Strategy - Action Plan 2009 - 2011 (PDF 3.0MB) 
Road Worker Safety - Respect Our Road Workers
Roadworker Safety Action Plan 2006/7
Download Roadworker Safety Action Plan 2009/11 as PDF (762KB PDF)
Roadworkers' Safety Report Phase One - April 2006
Roadworkers' Safety Report Phase Two - July 2006
Speed Limit Enforcement at Road Works: Guidance and Best Practice (747KB PDF) 
Driver Behaviour Through Roadworks - Area Road Users' Satisfaction Survey 2007-08 (PDF 1.53MB)
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