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Cabinet Office Business Plan

The Cabinet Office Business Plan contains five sections:

  1. Vision
  2. Coalition Priorities
  3. Structural Reform Plans
  4. Departmental Expenditure
  5. Transparency

The final section, Transparency, includes the Cabinet Office’s thinking on indicators to assess the Department's progress against its priorities; these indicators are subject to consultation. Following the consultation the Business Plan will be refreshed by April 2011.

Consultation on transparency section of the business plan

A non formal written consultation has been launched on the information strategy in the Transparency section of our Business Plan.

The purpose of this engagement is to seek feedback from key stakeholders, including our new Non-Executive Directors and members of the public, to ensure that this section of the Business Plan contains the most relevant and timely information and technically robust indicators.

The Business Plan brings together the Department’s Structural Reform Plans and our contribution to the Government’s new system of democratic accountability, through improved transparency between the Government and the public.

The Transparency section of the Business Plan contains out Information Strategy, which describes the steps we will be taking to make our data and information publicly available.  It includes a proposed list of input and impact indicators, with their related data sets, which can be used to assess our performance in our key priority areas.

Views are sought on the points raised in the consultation letter, especially regarding the extent of our commitment to the publication of data.

The consultation ends on 31 January 2011. Our final plan will go live in April 2011.

Please send your responses to:

Sima Patel
Cabinet Office
22 Whitehall
London SW1A 2W

Email: comdu@cabinet-office.x.gsi.gov.uk

Structural reform plan

The Cabinet Office Structural Reform Plan, sets out the Department's priorities, with implementation milestones clearly exposed for public scrutiny.

Original draft plan

Monthly implementation updates

Progress reports for the Cabinet Office structural reform plan will be published on the Number 10 website on a monthly basis. See how Cabinet Office is performing:

Other government department plans

Structural reform plans for other government departments can be found on the Number 10 website.