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Intelligence and security

Protective and physical security

We coordinate protective and physical security policies and oversee performance management of UK intelligence and security aims.

This work includes the Security Policy Framework which provides central internal protective security policy and risk management for government departments and associated bodies. It is the source on which all localised security policies should be based.

The framework has been made publicly available for the first time; however, it has clearly been necessary to restrict access to some technical and procedural material on security grounds.  Whilst security policies will differ according to the range of risks faced by each organisation, the framework sets out the minimum security requirements. The framework also provides technical information, advice and guidance to support implementation of the policy requirements.

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Intelligence and security committee (ISC)

The Intelligence and Security Committee was established by the Intelligence Service Act 1994. It is formed of nine Parliamentarians drawn from both the House of Lords and the House of Commons, and appointed by the Prime Minister to examine the policy, administration and expenditure of the intelligence and security agencies: the Security Service, the Secret Intelligence Service and the Government Communications Headquarters.

The Committee reports annually to the Prime Minister on its work. These annual reports, after any redactions of sensitive material, are then laid before both Houses of Parliament, together with the Government's response, and debated.

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