How we raised our profile in the South Korean Market

I am Principal at the British International Kindergarten’s Seocho Campus. With two campuses in Seoul, the British International Kindergartens offer a unique and prestigious educational...


“Guanxi” - building relationships, reaping rewards

I’m sure that most of you will be aware of the importance of “guanxi” or relationships when doing business with China. Taking time to understand...


Where in the world will our growth come from?

I’m very happy and intrigued to be joining the blogosphere.
International Trade has received good coverage lately with the PM-led trade mission to China, followed quickly with the G-20 Seoul Summit. Exporting is high on the agenda for many countries with everyone keen to grow their business where business is growing.
As the UK recovers from the [...]


“Make it beautiful” for the China market

So a Qing vase has sold for a staggering £43m. Produced in the 18th century for the Qing emperor Qianlong or Qing Gao Zong it once held pride of place in the Chinese Royal Palace and was inevitably fired in the Imperial Kilns at Jingdezhen in Jiangxi Province.
Jingdezhen is a place I know very well [...]


Fishing for value in downtown Tokyo

Up early  to visit the Tokyo fish market. It is a really fascinating place where you can find an enormous variety of fish from around the world. The bustling, noisy market is certainly a must see.
In Tokyo we’ve held discussions about social media, marketing, OMIS services and investment work.  I shared the value UKTI Australia [...]


Hot Steamy Bath Please!

Ever fancied running a hot bath from your mobile while you are on a cold train home probably delayed because the wrong kind of rain is falling? What about trying to touch up a photograph of your loved one to make them even more beautiful? You can’t be bothered to find your favourite songs on [...]


China : A marathon not a sprint

Globalisation is what has really struck me on this visit.
A small example. Vince Cable opened a BT facility here in Beijing. The BT high-up present turned out to live in the same road as Vince in Twickenham.
A bigger one. China will soon have more high speed rail kilometres than the rest of the world put [...]


We need to compete harder in cold, bright Beijing

UK’s Bio Pharma Wave Hits Japanese Shores

A bullet with my name on it

Earl Grey cocktails on National Tea Day

Designs on the Japanese market

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