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Watch our Takeover Day film

(4 mins 50 sec)
Voice over:
In the summer of 2010, a group of young people assisted by a team of creatives took over the Camberwell College of Art to embark on a new mission - Operation Creative Media Camp. If you have a problem, if you need help maybe you can call the Scholars Council.

Boy 1:
We are the Scholars Council.
Girl 1:
We represent the young people from the Ideas Foundation.
Girl 2:
The Ideas Foundation is a registered charity that takes care of young creative people.
Girl 3:
We have recruited over 40 young people across the country ...
Girl 4:
... to develop an advertising campaign for Takeover Day.

Private, what is your brief?
Boy 2:
Our brief is to engage with 14 to 18 year olds for Takeover Day where kids take on the roles of adults in their everyday lives -from flyers, screen printing, animation and viral campaigns.
Private, what are your tactics?
Girl 5:
We're going to go with the catchline ‘Whose shoes would you choose?' We have designed our animation for our agency.
Boy 3:
Our idea is to use shoes as our main concept - of a shoe walking along and it gradually changes into different shoes to symbolise different aspects of people's jobs and careers.
Boy 4:
Now my role in the team is screen printing, especially to do with T-shirts and posters and stuff like that. And the idea we've had is just to have a striking question that we want to ask people. The question is ‘Who cares about the future?' so you make your own minds up about that, ‘Who cares about the future?'
Girl 5:
Now we're just thinking about what's going to attract our audience target so obviously it's 14s to 18s so the colours we're using the images some of the stuff that we've seen already, like the logos and stuff there, we like it and we want to make it more original, more of our own.
Girl 6:
We've done some sort of brain storming for the flyer that we're doing for Takeover. I was having the idea of having a child break through a paper almost and getting out of the stigma that you're young and you can't be what you want to be at a young age.

Voice over:
The team have hired industry specialists to assist them on their mission.

Creativity for me is the expression of original ideas of great value.
Advertising is a creative process of communicating a message. The message can be about social, commercial or the characteristics of particular product or service.

The team have been working all week on their campaigns. They now present them to a panel of judges where they will asses their creativity.

The standard was just, I thought, unbelievably high. The amount of thought and planning that's gone into things is really amazing, amazing is all I can say.
I think it's been a great project for all the young people here because they've come together. They've never met each other before; they've worked together as a team creating some really interesting creative work.
Sue: That we will be able to take away and use and get messages across to other children and young people in this country and to adults in this country. That's really, really important.

So how did you find the Creative Media Camp?
Girl 7:
I loved it. It was really good.
Boy 5:
It's really good.
Boy 6:
It was a great opportunity to actually come together and make friends. Yeah, it was great - weren't it guys?
Girl 8:
It was fantastic. It was the best experience ever and I would love to do it again.
Girl 9:
One word to describe it; it's not even a word, a sound - Wicked! 

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