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This section focuses on the Schools Financial Benchmarking website, providing links and guidance to make the most of the website.

The benchmarking website enables schools to prepare charts that compare their income and expenditure profile with that of similar schools. The website includes information for all maintained schools in England through Consistent Financial Reporting. Any school, local authority or guest can use this site and select its own group of similar schools, using a range of factors such as size, type, percentage with special needs etc.

A school or local authority user will be required to log in using their username and password. If you require your username and password please email us at dsg.helpdesk@dcsf.gsi.gov.uk with your 3 digit LA number and 4 digit establishment number.

The website is currently using the 2008-09 Consistent Financial Reporting data and will be updated with the 2009-10 data in the autumn.

Schools Financial Benchmarking [VFMU]

Select this link to access the Schools Financial Benchmarking website. Full guidance on using the site can be obtained by clicking the Help link on the site and also by referring to the School Finance Pack. There is also an on-line help facility to provide guidance on the data definitions used.



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Benchmarking website walk through

This guidance document provides an introduction to the Schools Financial Benchmarking website. The detailed walk through  covers various sections of the website including the new features of the website launched in January 2008 such as the single-click report and functionality to select schools by name.



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Data and Access Protection

This summary document sets out our data release protocol for the information on the schools financial benchmarking website. Once we have recieved your CFR data and checked any queries or errors with you, we will use it to populate the benchmarking website and to inform school level analysis within the Department. Subject to confidentiality requirements being met we will also release the information to researchers and external organisations. 



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