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Developing policy

The MLA plays an active role in the development of national and regional policy, helping ensure museums,libraries and archives make an effective contribution to the delivery of public priorities.


MLA commissioned a scoping study to look at the potential for MLA and the sector to support and deliver success under the tourism

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Learning is a process of active engagement with experience. It is what people do when they want to make sense of the world.

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Equality and diversity

If our museums, libraries and archives are to truly benefit everyone, they need to reflect our diverse and vibrant communities

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It is important that museums, libraries and archives' role in building thriving communities is recognised and exploited

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Current consultations

The MLA is keen that people and organisations that have an interest or contribution, are consulted on the development of ideas and

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Consultation responses

The MLA responds to relevant government consultations to help ensure museums, libraries and archives are reflected in...

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Latest News

Hub museums engaging communities

'Capturing Outcomes of Community Engagement Activities at Hub Museums', published by the MLA and ERS, reveals good examples of hub museums working to attract more diverse audiences as well as involve visitors in shaping their services.  Continue reading

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  • raising standards

    Through highlighting best practice, supporting improvement, and running schemes such as Accreditation and Designation

  • improvement

    Our improvement and performance management resources have been developed within the context of the National Improvement and Efficiency Strategy which sets out how central and local government will support the local partnerships delivering outcomes for communities.

  • strategic planning

    The MLA works in partnership with government, agencies, key organisations and local government to devise national strategies to bring about the long-term development of the country's museums, libraries and archives

  • research

    Research is a vital part of the MLA's work, designed to produce the evidence to discover what impact our sector makes and what can be done differently.


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