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Funding and support

The MLA supports the sector in a variety of ways, ranging from financial grants for improvement and other projects, through to consultancy advice and published toolkits.

Reference Online

The MLA has brokered national agreements for the use of electronic products and services on behalf of English public libraries

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Grants and funding

MLA makes grants to sponsored bodies who promote different aspects of the work of museums, libraries and archives

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We publish toolkits to help managers and practitioners with practical advice.

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Security advice

The MLA's National Security Adviser has specialist knowledge and experience of security issues relating to museums, galleries,...

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Driving best practice

MLA’s best practice case studies are designed to inspire the sector and provide evidence of how museums, libraries and archives

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The Future Libraries Programme

LGA Group and MLA will work together to support councils, especially where councils want to work together in partnership; by...

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Latest News

Hub museums engaging communities

'Capturing Outcomes of Community Engagement Activities at Hub Museums', published by the MLA and ERS, reveals good examples of hub museums working to attract more diverse audiences as well as involve visitors in shaping their services.  Continue reading

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  • delivering programmes

    MLA manages, funds and leads on major programmes and strategic initiatives to develop the sector

  • renaissance

    Renaissance is the MLA’s ground-breaking programme to transform England’s regional museums. Central government funding is enabling regional museums across the country to raise their standards and deliver real results in terms of education and regeneration in local communities.


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Sector Statistics

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