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Tenders and contracts

As a strategic agency for the museums, archives and libraries sector, the MLA’s Grants & Procurement team facilitates the procurement of goods and services that meet MLA Council’s business needs, including those of quality and value, whilst helping to ensure that risk is managed effectively within our supply chains.

Supply agreements are awarded in compliance with the European Union Public Contract Regulations, using the open and negotiated procedure set out in the regulations.  Where legislation requires MLA Council to make a call for competition, potential suppliers will be identified from responses to advertisements in the Official Journal of The European Union or for below EU threshold tenders via the BIP Select Service.

The MLA does not operate supplier lists for its tendering requirements, instead MLA aims to use registered and accredited service providers, and therefore has adopted BIP Select Service for pre-qualification. For more information please visit  For further information or queries about MLA's tendering and contractual process, please email

Before commissioning such work, MLA will estimate the likely value of the contract to be awarded, this divides the work into two types of tender:

Invitations to tender above threshold

MLA is required by law to initiate formal tendering processes and to announce them through the Official Journal of the European Union (OJEU) in cases where the estimated total value of the purchasing requirement over a period of four years is likely to exceed the current EU procurement thresholds as defined in the Public Contracts Regulations 2006.

MLA invites suitable suppliers and service providers to consider expressing interest in the requirements below. It should be noted that the information should be read in conjunction with the relevant Contract Notice published in OJEU. Requirements above EU procurement threshold are advertised on this webpage and in the OJEU via Delta BIP e-procurement solutions.

Invitations to tender below threshold

Before commissioning such work, MLA will estimate the likely value of the contract to be awarded. In cases where the likely value is estimated to be greater than £20,000 (including VAT), MLA will embark on a process of open competitive tender.

In cases where the likely value of a contract is estimated to be less than £20,000, but where MLA feels that there would be an advantage in operating an open tender process, such process will be applied. Work shown in this section of the website may fall into either category.


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