Lucianne Hinch

Apprenticeship Awards 2009 Finalist

Name: Lucianne Hinch

Age: 20

Town of Residence: Wakefield, West Yorkshire

Apprenticeship: Apprenticeship in Upholstery

Apprenticeship Award: Apprentice of the Year

Sector: Manufacturing


Lucianne Hinch, left school and attended college studying English, French and Politics but after a year she decided to pursue a career. She faced a number of challenges, as a girl working in the predominately male upholstery trade, but despite this she says her Apprenticeship has allowed her to develop an enormous amount of confidence. Due to Lucianne’s ongoing development of skills, DC Contracts are now able to offer bespoke furniture.

“My Apprenticeship has allowed my confidence to soar. Before I started my Apprenticeship, I struggled to find the confidence to interact with people older than myself, but now I’m happy to chat to everyone. I am extremely proud of the things I have achieved during my Apprenticeship and I am really excited about representing Yorkshire and Humber at the National Apprenticeship Awards in London in July.”


Last Updated: 10/03/2010

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