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London 14:23, 15 Nov 2010
Last updated at 10:23 (UK time) 5 Nov 2010

How to apply from Kuwait

You need to send your completed passport application and documents to our Regional Passport Processing Centre in Düsseldorf, Germany as we no longer issue passports in Kuwait.  

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Where to send

Passport Section
British Consulate General
Yorck Strasse 19
40476 Düsseldorf

How to send

You are responsible for getting your application to Düsseldorf either via a reputable courier firm or by registered mail from Kuwait.

We recommend that you send us your application by secure means such as registered post or a courier. Our delivery partner for returning your passport and documents to you from Düsseldorf is DHL. DHL Express Kuwait have advised that they can offer a specific rate of KD11 to get your applications to Düsseldorf. You are free to use another reputable courier service (such as United Parcel Service (UPS), TNT or FedEx), however we will be returning your passport and documents to you via our delivery partner DHL.

If using a courier to submit your application you should not pay for a return service as this is covered by a separate fee charged by us - see below.  Please make sure that you do note/highlight on the outside envelope that it contains a passport application.

How much

Passport fees in Düsseldorf, Germany are:  

Adult passport

  • 32-page passport - €151  
  • 48-page passport - €182
  • Return delivery - €22
Child Passport
  • Child passport (32 pages) - €96
  • Return Delivery €22

How to pay

You should pay by credit card using the credit card form. The cards we accept are Visa and Mastercard credit and debit cards. We are unable to accept Maestro cards, American Express, JBC or Diners’ Club cards.



If you are renewing your passport you should allow 4 weeks for us to return your new passport to you.  If it is your first British passport application then you should allow at least 6 weeks. If replacing a lost or stolen passport you should also allow at least 6 weeks. Please do not call to check on the progress of your application before this time. 

Delivery back to you

Return shipment is handled by DHL Worldwide and costs €22.  DHL guarantees delivery within 24/48 hours of despatch from the Consulate-General in Dusseldorf. This service represents the most secure means of ensuring that your passport reaches you.

One shipment fee of €22 covers the return of up to four passport applications (e.g. for a family).

Specific requirements from Kuwait

New Baby Residence/registration procedures

In order to obtain your baby's Kuwait birth certificate and to have your baby's passport stamped with a residence visa, your UK marriage certificate will need to be stamped by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, Milton Keynes before we may attest it at the Embassy.  If you hold a foreign marriage certificate you will need to have it attested by:

  • the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the country of issue
  • the UK Embassy in the country of issue

Once we have attested the signature of the FCO in Milton Keynes or the UK Embassy in case of a foreign marriage (please see first paragraph), you may take your certificate to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Kuwait.  You will then need to proceed, with your marriage certificate and translation to the Ministry of Justice Kuwait to have the translation of your certificate certified.  The documents should then be submitted to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for further certification.

Additional information that may be of help:

In order to obtain your baby's Kuwait birth certificate, please take the pink notification of birth that you were given by the hospital plus your legalised and attested marriage certificate to the central registry for births in Maidan Hawally, behind Shaab Park.

Once you have received your baby’s passport, you may then go to any major bank to pay health insurance.  You should then proceed to the Health Office in Shuwaikh (Al Sabah medical zone) to get the receipt stamped.

Once the above procedures have been completed, you are ready to proceed to the Immigration Office corresponding to your area of residence.  The authorities will probably ask to see the child's father.  You will need to take your legalised marriage certificate and translation.

It should be noted that the Kuwait Immigration procedure may change without prior notice.

Kindly note that there is a grace period of 60 days from the date of birth, to have the residency permit stamped in the baby’s passport.  After that, a fine of KD 2 per day is imposed on the parent.


All foreign legal documents submitted with a passport application (such as birth/death/marriage certificates, divorce papers, change of name documents, affidavits, etc) should be translated into English.  You can find a list of officially recognised translators on the country's main website . You cannot get a friend or relative to do this for you.

Need more information

If you need detailed information about what type of passport you need, what documents you need to supply for different types of application, please go to What passport do I need

Urgent Travel:

You should contact the British Embassy in Kuwait at +965 2259 4358 to discuss your case and emergency travel document requirements. You will need to visit the Embassy to process your application. Please be aware that you will need to have evidence of a travel itinerary before an ETD is issued. We advise, where possible, that you choose a direct route to your destination. You must allow sufficient time to visit the Immigration Department to enter details of the ETD on their system – this procedure cannot be done at the airport. If you are in doubt about any aspect of the ETD process, please contact the Consular Section at the Embassy. ETD Form.

An Emergency Travel Document is £91.50, please check the Consular Fees (fee no 18) for the current Consular Exchange Rate.

Contact Us:

The Passport Information Helpline will be able to answer questions about the passport application process, documents required and the progress of your application once it is received in Düsseldorf.  It is an English speaking service only.  For applicants in Kuwait, please call +44 208 082 4736. This service operates 24 hours per day from 7pm Sunday to 5pm Friday UK time (BST).  Please be aware that you may be charged for this call so try the website first.

For customers with hearing difficulties, a Textphone service is available by contacting +44 1750 725368. This is a credit card payment service, charged at the same rates as above. 

Please do not contact us before the expected delivery time as detailed above.  We will not be able to give further information and you may be charged for this call. 

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