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UK in South Africa

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How to apply from South Africa

All applications for a passport are processed by our Regional Passport Processing Centre in Pretoria, South Africa.

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Where to send
How to send
How much
How to pay
Delivery back to you
Specific requirements
Need more information
Urgent travel
Contact us

Where to send

By Post:  British Passport Section, British Consulate, PO BOX 13611 Hatfield, Pretoria, 0028, South Africa

By Courier:  British Passport Section, British Consulate, 256 Glyn Street, Hatfield, Pretoria,  0083, South Africa

How to send

We recommend that you send us your application by secure means such as registered post or a courier.

There are 4 ways to apply for a passport in South Africa:-

  1. By courier (e.g. Supaswift (pty) Ltd. Licensee of FedEx Express)
  2. By the South African postal system
  3. By a facilitation company
  4. In person in the British Consulate in Pretoria

By Courier

We have negotiated a preferential return rate within South Africa of Rand 220 with Supaswift (pty) Ltd. Licensee of FedEx Express.  They will collect your application and return your passport directly to you.  Delivery is overnight.  We will accept applications from other couriers.

IMPORTANT: Please note, you must make payment for return delivery with the chosen Courier Company when you send the application. Failure to do this will result in your application being delayed. Supaswift (pty) Ltd. Licensee of FedEx Express will only accept the return fee and will also e-mail you when your documents have been collected from us.

By Post

Please allow an extra 5 - 10 days for delivery by the postal service each way.

  • IMPORTANT: Please note, you must make payment for return delivery by post when you send the application. Failure to do this will result in your application being delayed.
  • Once the documents and passports have been despatched, any questions or problems of delivery should be addressed to the relevant postal service.

By a facilitation agent or company

There are companies that will make the application on your behalf. We do accept applications from these companies but please note that none of these companies have access to any form of fast track service, all applications are processed in strict date order for the day they were accepted by us.

 Additionally, there have been instances where applying through such an agent or company has caused lengthy delays due to slowness in applying or in collection. There are also some agencies that have been known not to physically make the application for some weeks after it has been lodged with them. We will not speed up any application that has been delayed due to agency error or incompetence.

Any questions or problems of delivery or return should be addressed to the relevant agency or company.  We have negotiated a preferential rate with Supaswift (pty)Ltd. Licensee of FedEx Express and we can liaise directly with them if there are delivery/return problems.

In Person

You can apply directly in our offices in Pretoria.  Offices are open to accept applications between 0800am and 1315hrs Monday to Thursday.  Fridays we close at 120ohrs .  Passports can only be collected between 8am and 11am each day.


How much

Passport fees in South Africa

How to pay

Pretoria, we accept credit cards and bank issued cheques and bank drafts in South African Rand only.  We accept cash in South African Rand when applying in person.

You should pay by credit card using the credit card form 

YOU MUST NOT SEND CASH  in the post or by courier.


If you are renewing your passport you should allow 4 weeks for us to return your new passport to you.  If it is your first British passport application then you should allow at least 6 weeks. If replacing a lost or stolen passport you should also allow at least 6 weeks. Please do not call to check on the progress of your application before this time.

Delivery back to you

We will return your passport by the delivery method which you have paid for. If you do not pay your passport will await personal collection.  If you appoint a third party or agent other than FedEx to collect your passport you should give them signed authority to collect on your behalf.

Specific requirements from South Africa

When applying for a first passport the original full (Vault Copy issued by Home Affairs) birth certificate is required showing both parents.  We will not accept the shortened certificates.


All foreign legal documents submitted with a passport application (such as birth/death/marriage certificates, divorce papers, change of name documents, affidavits, etc) should be translated into English. 

Need more information

If you need detailed information about what type of passport you need, what documents you need to supply for different types of application please go to What passport do I need? page.

Urgent Travel

If you need to travel urgently and your normal passport is not available you should contact the British High Commission, Pretoria or the British Consulate in Cape Town Consular Assitance Sections on (Pretoria) 012 421 7800 (press three to avoid recorded messages). They may be able to provide you with emergency travel documentation.  Please note they will not be able to answer general passport questions or give information on passport applications in progress (as they are no longer involved in this process).  You should only contact them if you have a need to travel urgently and you will be asked to supply evidence of your need.  Contact details for more general passport enquiries and status checks are given below. 

Contact Us

If we can't answer your question on the website please call Careline on 0044 208 082 4743. Please be aware that you may be charged for this call so try the website first.

Please do not contact us before the expected delivery time as detailed above.  We will not be able to give further information and you may be charged for this call.



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