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London 13:53, 15 Nov 2010
Last updated at 10:02 (UK time) 5 Nov 2010

How to apply from Bulgaria

You need to send your completed passport application and documents to our Regional Passport Processing Centre in Düsseldorf, Germany as we no longer issue passports in Bulgaria.  

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Where to send

British Consulate General,
Yorckstrasse 19
40476 Düsseldorf

How to send

We recommend that you send us your application by secure means such as registered post or a courier. If using a courier to submit your application you should not pay for a return service as this is covered by a separate fee charged by us - see below.  Please make sure that you do note/highlight on the outside envelope that it contains a passport application.

How much

Passport fees in Düsseldorf, Germany are:  

Adult passport

  • 32-page passport - € 151 
  • 48-page passport - € 182
  • Return delivery - € 22
Child Passport
  • Child passport (32 pages) - € 96
  • Return Delivery cost € 22

How to pay

You should pay by credit card using the credit card form. The cards we accept are Visa and Mastercard credit and debit cards. We are unable to accept Maestro cards, American Express, JBC or Diners’ Club cards.



If you are renewing your passport you should allow 4 weeks for us to return your new passport to you.  If it is your first British passport application then you should allow at least 6 weeks. If replacing a lost or stolen passport you should also allow at least 6 weeks. Please do not call to check on the progress of your application before this time. 

Delivery back to you

Return shipment is handled by DHL Worldwide and costs €22. DHL guarantees delivery within 24/48 hours of despatch from the Consulate-General in Dusseldorf. This service represents the most secure means of ensuring that your passport reaches you.
One shipment fee of €22 covers the return of up to four passport applications (e.g. for a family).

Specific requirements from Bulgaria 

According to Bulgarian law, a dual-national child (eg. British and Bulgarian) will have their father's first name on the Bulgarian birth certificate, whereas a child whose parents are both British can omit the father's first name from the birth certificate. This might cause problems with issuing a British passport with the names the parents have given to their child.


All foreign legal documents submitted with a passport application (such as birth/death/marriage certificates, divorce papers, change of name documents, affidavits, etc) should be translated into English.  You can find a list of officially recognised translators on the website of the British Embassy in Bulgaria.  You cannot get a friend or relative to do this for you.

Need more information

If you need detailed information about what type of passport you need, what documents you need to supply for different types of application, please go to What passport do I need?.

Urgent Travel:

If you need to travel urgently and your normal passport is not available you should contact the British Embassy in Sofia. They may be able to provide you with emergency travel documentation.  Please note they will not be able to answer general passport questions or give information on passport applications in progress (as they are no longer involved in this process).  You should only contact them if you have a need to travel urgently and you will be asked to supply evidence of your need.

Contact Us:

If we can't answer your question on the website, please call the passport information line on the UK number: +44 208 082 4740 between the hours of 9:00 AM and 6:00 PM local time, Monday to Friday (24 hour service). Please be aware that you may be charged for this call so try the website first.

For customers with hearing difficulties, a Text phone service is available by contacting +44 1750 725368.

Please do not contact us before the expected delivery time as detailed above.  We will not be able to give further information and you may be charged for this call. 

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