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London 13:36, 15 Nov 2010
Last updated at 13:44 (UK time) 5 Nov 2010

How to apply from Armenia

We no longer issue passports in Armenia.  We accept applications at the British Embassy in Yerevan, but they are forwarded to our Regional Passport Processing Centre in Düsseldorf, Germany. 

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Where to send

Please present your papers in person at the Consular Section at the British Embassy in Yerevan.

How to send

We have a contracted agreement with DHL who will forward your application to Düsseldorf. Once you have completed the application process in the Consular Section at the British Embassy in Yerevan, we will forward the papers through DHL on your behalf.  The fee for this service is €8.00 which will be added to the price of your passport.

How much

Passport fees through Düsseldorf, Germany are:  

Adult passport

  • 32-page passport - €151  
  • 48-page passport - €182
  • Return delivery - €8
Child Passport
  • Child passport (32 pages) - €96
  • Return delivery cost - €8

How to pay

You will be asked to complete a card payment authorisation form when presenting your application Card Payment Authorisation Form (pdf format).  A separate completed form is required for each application.  The fee for the passport and DHL service will be collected through this method by the British Consulate in Dusseldorf.  Only Visa and Master Card can be accepted.  If someone other than the applicant is providing payment, then we will require written confirmation of this and a copy of their passport or ID card.  



If you are renewing your passport you should allow 4 weeks for us to return your new passport to you.  If it is your first British passport application then you should allow at least 6 weeks. If replacing a lost or stolen passport you should also allow at least 6 weeks. Please do not call to check on the progress of your application before this time. 

Delivery back to you

Düsseldorf will return your passport direct to us and we will contact you on receipt.  

Specific requirements from Armenia (dependent on type of application)

  • Current original passport.  This will be returned to you and you are required to present it to the Consular Section when notified of the arrival of your new passport
  • Original Birth Certificate with official translation into English
  • Original state registered Marriage Certificate with official translation into English
  • Original Naturalisation Certificate
  • Other form of identification ie. ID card, other passport, if this is a first time application


All foreign legal documents submitted with a passport application (such as birth/death/marriage certificates, divorce papers, change of name documents, affidavits, etc) should be translated into English by an official translator at a local notary office. You cannot get a friend or relative to do this for you.

Need more information

If you need detailed information about what type of passport you need, what documents you need to supply for different types of application, please go to What passport do I need? page.

Urgent Travel:

If you need to travel urgently and your normal passport is not available you should contact the BritishEmbassy in Yerevan. They may be able to provide you with emergency travel documentation.  Please note they will not be able to answer general passport questions or give information on passport applications in progress (as they are no longer involved in this process).  You should only contact them if you have a need to travel urgently and you will be asked to supply evidence of your need.

Contact Us:

The Consular Section at the British Embassy is open for visitors from 09.15 - 10.30 and telephone calls from 09.15 - 16.00 (Local Time: Mon-Fri) if you have any queries that you cannot have answered from the website.  The telephone number for switchboard is 010 264301.  Please be aware that you might be charged for your call.

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