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UK in South Africa

London 13:25, 15 Nov 2010
Pretoria 15:25, 15 Nov 2010
Last updated at 7:11 (UK time) 4 Nov 2010


Passports for British nationals in Djibouti are now issued by the British High Commission in Pretoria.  This is part of a global initiative to rationalise passport services and reduce administration costs while ensuring that the quality of service remains high.

You should send your passport application to the British High Commission in Pretoria (Liberty Place Building Block B, 1st Floor, 256 Glyn Street, Hatfield, Pretoria 0083, South Africa). We recommend that you send your applications by a reputable courier of your choice (paying the courier company directly for this service). One such company is Daallo Express, which represents FedEx in Djibouti. The contact details are as follows:

Daallo Express represents FedEx in Djibouti:
Avenue Admanis Bernard
Tel: +253 340 071

For the return of your passport the British High Commission in Pretoria will send the documents to you using FedEx Express (the FedEx licensee in Southern Africa is Supaswift (Pty) Ltd). You need to pay for the return your passport (currently 581 South African Rand = £51.70 at exchange rate April 2010) by enclosing payment with your application.

If you choose to use a different courier service provider for the return of your passports and documents, you must arrange this yourself.

How do I apply for a British Passport in South Africa?

  1. Download the appropriate passport application form.
  2. Please read the accompanying notes carefully and make sure that each section on your passport application form is filled out in its entirety, even if you do not think it is applicable. It is easier for us to discount sections we do not need than it is to write for further information, which sometimes causes lengthy delays.
  3. Ensure that the photos meet the new Biometric criteria.
  4. Ensure you have submitted the correct documents – without correct documentation we cannot issue a passport.  The documentation required will depend on a number of things.  Please choose one of the following links, as appropriate: applying for a first British passport; renewal of an existing British passport; or to replace a lost or stolen British passport.
  5. British passport applications sent via courier must include payment for both passport and courier fees. Please click here for the correct passport fees. The cost of the return courier service to Djibouti is 581 South African Rand.  You can pay in one of three ways: by downloading and completing our “Credit Card notification” slip and enclosing it with your application; by Bank Guaranteed cheque; or by enclosing a Bank Draft in South African Rand for the total amount plus an additional 155 South African Rand to cover bank charges, made payable to “British High Commission”. We will not accept payment by cash, postal order, debit card, personal or company cheque. Additionally, we cannot accept payments in any other currency.  It is not possible to make online payments.
  6. Download and complete the covering letter and enclose it with your application.
  7. You should then visit your nearest courier office. You will be required to complete the waybill given to you by the courier services operator. This MUST include your full name, address and telephone contact numbers. Please address the consignment as follows:
      British High Commission,
      Consular Section, Block B,
      1st Floor, Liberty Place Building,
      256 Glyn Street, Hatfield,
      Pretoria, 0083,
      South Africa.  
    Please mark the envelope:  For the Attention of Djibouti Officer
  8. Place your completed application form with all the required documents, credit card payment slip or cheque, photos and covering letter in the envelope and peel off plastic strip to seal it.
  9. Remove and retain the customer copy of waybill as your proof of despatch and your tracking number reference.
    For customers renewing a passport: we aim to return your new passport to you within 4 weeks. This time frame does not take into account any delays which may occur with local post or courier services. Applications can also take longer during busy times of the year.

If you are applying for a passport for the first time (this includes customers who are changing their name other than by marriage or replacing old blue books, lost or stolen passports) you should allow at least 6 weeks for processing.

We aim to process all renewal applications in 10 working days from receipt of a fully completed application. We will always do our best to ensure the 10 working day processing target is met.

If your application is not straightforward, for example the form is incomplete or documentation outstanding your application will be returned to you and you will be required to pay the courier fee again.  If you are required to attend an Interview at the British Embassy in Addis Ababa you will be notified by the examining officer in Pretoria. Under these circumstances your application may take longer to process. We recommend you apply in plenty of time before you travel.

All customers will be required to collect their passport and supporting documents from the British Consulate in Djibouti.

Please note – FedEx or Daallo Express office will answer any courier-related queries about their service, but they cannot answer queries about British passport matters. FedEx only provides the courier service.  Please also refer to the general FedEx website

In case of query applicants can call 0027 12 421 7800 there is a recorded message on calling during opening hours which should be ignored. Applicants should press 3 and when speaking to the operator say they are from outside South Africa and cannot use Careline or email Passport enquiries.

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