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Workshop: Landscape Character Assessment and Agri-Environment Schemes

30th May 2003
The Manchester Conference Centre, Manchester

Download workshop proceedings PDF (216kB)

This workshop explored the relationship between Landscape Character Assessment (LCA) and agri-environment schemes. Speakers provided insights into the practical issues of incorporating landscape character into agri-environment applications. The day also provided opportunities to explore how LCA can provide useful outputs for future agri-environment schemes.

Simon R. Mortimer
, The Centre for Agri-Environmental Research, The University of Reading:
Kaley Hart, The Countryside Agency:
'An overview of LCA and Agri-Environment Schemes'

Gill Travis, Defra RDS:
'The role of LCA in Agri-Environment Schemes'

Chris Bolton, Defra RDS:
Agri-environment Schemes and Landscape Character Assessment in Practice

Margaret O'Kane, Lancashire Rural Futures
& John Alpe, Lancashire Rural Futures Client Farmer:
'Experiences from Lancashire Rural Futures'

Merrick Denton-Thompson, Hampshire County Council:
'The People, The Farmer and The Landscape”'