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Workshop: Landscape Character and Sensitivity

27th January 2004
London Chamber of Commerce and Industry, London

Download workshop proceedings PDF (483kB)

Download LCA Topic Paper 6: Techniques and Criteria for Judging Landscape Capacity and Sensitivity PDF (1.6MB)

Landscape Character Assessment can make an important contribution to finding solutions that allow essential development to take place while considering and maintaining diverse local character and valued qualities of the countryside. LCA has already been used to contribute to sensitivity or capacity studies dealing with the ability of the landscape to accommodate new housing, windfarms and and woodland. However, in this rapidly developing field there is a need for agreed terminology and common approaches

This event looked at the role of LCA in Capacity and Sensitivity Studies, and provided the opportunity to discuss terminology issues and common approaches


Bettina Kirkham
, Bettina Kirkham Associates:

Jane Cecil, The Countryside Agency:

Carys Swanwick, University of Sheffield:
'Techniques for judging capacity and sensitivity'

David Went, English Heritage:
'Sense and Sensitivity - Understanding value in the Historic Landscape'

Kate Ahern, Land Use Consultants:
'Landscape Sensitivity and Capacity in relation to Wind Turbine Development in Norfolk - A Case Study'

Alison Grant, Landscape Consultant:
'Wester Ross: Landscape Capacity Assessment for Settlement Expansion'

John Benson, University of Newcastle upon Tyne:
'A Logodaedalic Adventure in Landscape Sensitivity and Landscape Capacity'