Freedom of information

We are committed to an open and transparent approach to economic regulation of railway services.

We believe that it is in the public interest to make information readily accessible and for it to be subject to public scrutiny. We support the Government's objectives in implementing the Freedom of Information Act 2000 that government departments are open and accessible to the public.

Our publication scheme

This page explains what information we make public.

Making a request for information

How to make a request for information under the FOI act.

FOI responses

This page contains all our responses to FOI requests.

Protective markings

Protective markings (i.e. PROTECT, RESTRICTED) may act as an indicator of the sensitivity of information, but are not a guarantee that information will, or will not be, released under the Freedom of Information Act. This is because an exemption must be applicable at the time a request is made - this may be far later than when the document was created, meaning that the sensitivity of the document may have changed. In addition, an exemption applies to information within a document, rather than to the document itself. This means that, while the document overall may be protectively marked, aspects of it may be unsensitive and releasable under Freedom of Information.

Data protection

Explains how we handle requests for information under the Data Protection Act 1998.

Environmental Information Regulations 2004

This explains how we handle requests for environmental information.

Last updated: 2 June 2009

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