Welcome to the Civil Service in the South East

Helen Ghosh 'The Civil Service in the South East is a fascinating array of organisations and talents. Through this initiative we can really build our collective identity, offer staff a wider range of opportunities, and maximise our impact and effectiveness as a single team. I am delighted to be the Permanent Secretary Champion.' Dame Helen Ghosh, DCB DEFRA

Last updated - 12th August 2010

Welcome to the Civil Service in the South East website. The photo below shows our CSSE Programme team but we also have a number of project managers from various departments who we haven't yet captured on camera. Find out more about their individual projects in the attached webpages.

team picture

Our programme aims to join up the many and diverse strands of government across the South East, to share best practice, to find more efficient and effective ways to provide a good service to the public and to help improve the working lives of our region's civil servants. 

email iconWe hope this website is informative but are always happy to tell you more about what we are doing. Feel free to get in touch, email csse@gose.gsi.gov.uk. This programme is for you.  Fiona Radford



CSSE Employers and Location

Click below to find a list of Civil Service employees in the South East and a map of their location.

Employee numbers in each Local Authority in the South East

Map of the South East Local Authorities

Employment by Department in the South East

Did you know in September

8 September 2010 is International Literacy Day - focussing attention on literacy needs!

Sir Gus O'Donnell attends CSSE launch

Gus O'Donnell

Read about our launch event at HM Prison High Down with Sir Gus O'Donnell.

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