Planning for the future

A key aspect of leadership is ensuring the continuity of the Civil Service's work, by identifying and preparing candidates to fill the most demanding jobs as and when they become available.

Last updated - 15th January 2009

Succession planning

The Civil Service Capability Group (CSCG) helps departments identify new posts, likely vacancies and potential successors - making sure we continue to have the right capability to achieve our objectives.

The CSCG also supports the Cabinet Secretary and the Senior Leadership Committee (SLC) on succession planning for Permanent Secretaries and Directors General (the Top 200). A key part of this involves giving individuals the advice and support they need to manage their careers and meet personal development needs.

The Top 200

Developing potential

The High Potential Development Scheme (HPDS) is also a vital part of preparing for our future, by preparing people at director and deputy director level for the most senior jobs in the Civil Service.

High Performance Development Scheme