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Meeting the needs of those affected by an emergency

Humanitarian assistance is about ensuring that those involved and affected by emergencies are properly cared for.

This chapter identifies the key groups of people affected by emergencies, and outlines how their needs can be met. The key groups covered are:

It also gives specific guidance about meeting the long term of the injured, survivors, family and friends.

This chapter is primarily oriented towards emergencies occurring in the United Kingdom. However, in dealing with overseas emergencies involving UK citizens, agencies should draw on this guidance selectively and pragmatically.

Further information will be available in 2009 in the form of new strategic guidance to inform planners and responders of the issues they should be taking into account prior to, during and after an emergency. This work is being carried out by the Humanitarian Assistance Unit at the Department for Culture, Media, and Sport.

Further information is also available in the form of interim national strategic guidance for NHS organisations on psychosocial and mental health care for people following emergencies [External website]. This work has been carried out by the Department of Health.

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