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This part of the CAA web site provides customers with information about Flight Crew Licences, Aircraft Maintenance Engineer Licences and Air Traffic Services Licences.

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Personnel Licensing - Maintenance Engineers

This part of the department is responsible for the licensing of Aircraft Maintenance Engineers, the approval of training courses and Organisations under Part-147. 
Licences are issued under Part-66, which provides a common and mutually acceptable standard across EASA member States.  
Additionally, UK National licences may be issued under BCAR Section L. 

Personnel Licensing - Flight Crew

This part of department is responsible for the grant of pilot, flight engineer and radio-telephony licences and additional qualifications for aeroplanes, helicopters, gyroplanes, airships and free balloons for private and professional flying. 
We also approve training organisations and courses, authorise licensing examiners and provide a range of licensing examination, flight test, administrative and general services. 
Note: Except for professional flying, glider flying is regulated under arrangements made by the British Gliding Association.

Personnel Licensing - Air Traffic Services

 This part of the department is responsible for the grant of Air Traffic Services (ATS) Personnel licences. Two levels of service are provided in the United Kingdom, with an appropriate licence for each:

  • Air Traffic Control Service -  provided by Licensed Air Traffic Control Officers (ATCOs)
  • Flight Information Service - provided by Licensed Flight Information Service Officers (FISOs) 
  • The approval of Air Traffic Controller training providers, policy matters and standardisation remains with the Air Traffic Standards Division. 

We also administer certificates of competence awarded to Radio Station operators 

You can contact the Personnel Licensing Department by telephone on 01293 573700 or by
our e-mail addresses: or  or

Please quote your CAA Reference number if known.
For Air Traffic Services telephone 01293 573270 or by our e-mail address:


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Important Licensing Information

Please note, the oldest licence applications in progress are:

 Part-66 AMEL*Up to Date
 BCAR Section LUp to Date
 Part-66 Type RatingsUp to Date

*Date refers to licence issue and conversion from BCAR Section L using our normal process.  Note that conversion from BCAR Section L using our fast-track process typically take a maximum of 10 working days.  Should the delay in the issue of your licence be affecting your employment, please ask you employer to contact us on

Professional Flight Crew25  Oct  2010
Private Flight Crew22  Oct  2010
Instructors27  Oct  2010
NPPL Flight Crew27  Oct  2010

Last updated:     8 November  2010