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The Ministry of Justice's role is to: strengthen democracy, rights and responsibilities leading the government's constitutional, rights and legal reform programmes; deliver fair and simple routes to civil and family justice; protect the public and reduce re-offending; and, ensure a more effective, transparent and responsive criminal justice system for victims and the public.

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The impacts of climate change will affect the MoJ in a number of ways:

  • buildings, including prisons and courts, could become unfit for purpose if subject to flooding, higher temperatures, storm damage or subsidence.
  • workspace conditions could become less comfortable for employees if buildings aren't adapted to rising temperatures.
  • operations (e.g. court proceedings, prison rehabilitation programmes) may be disrupted.

What we've done

MoJ has already:

  • set up an Adapting to Climate Change Steering Group
  • trained key staff in applying the UKCP09 projections
  • raised staff awareness and made climate change a more recognised issue amongst our policy, operational, and corporate teams
  • produced guidance which draws to staff’ attention the specific impact tests which include a carbon assessment and sustainable development test. 
  • distributed the supplementary Green Book Guidance: “Accounting for the Effects of Climate Change” June 2009 within the MoJ to the Better Regulation Team which oversees work on Impact Assessments and the Economists.

Adaptation priorities

MoJ's priorities are:

Protecting the MoJ estate

MoJ has a significant building programme and will address climate resilience issues in building design specifications and during major refurbishment.

Corporate Business Continuity Planning

Each of MoJ’s agencies and other public bodies has its own plan, covering national, regional / area and local action where appropriate.  These plans identify each business’s essential services and priorities, and identify staff who will assume control and those required to deliver the essential services.

Archive preservation

In collaboration with the Department for Culture, Media and Sport and the Museums, Libraries and Archives Council, The National Archives (TNA) will develop and publish agreed operational standards for environmental conditions for storage, that deliver sustainable environments for archives and collections.

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Page published: 24 July 2008

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