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Babbage Difference Engine Number 1

Check out our online games including the ever-popular Launchball and brand new Thingdom.

Trash Fashion

Trash Fashion

The fashion industry needs a makeover. See how designers can use technology to create style without waste

Who am I?

Children at the Science Museum

Find out about your brain, your genes and your body and the effect they have on your identity.

Brought to Life website

Artificial right leg, Singapore, c.1943

Explore the history of medicine on our newly updated Brought to Life website. There are 6 new themes including Birth and death and Mental health.

Collections blog

Early flying machine

See what the curators have been up to on the Stories from the Stores blog. From Einstein's smelly feet to how pigeons hid the big bang.

Museum Objects

Browse the best of our 200,000 objects, arranged by the gallery. Everything from the Apollo 10 capsule to a transgenic sheep.

Object of the week

Sputnik 1 satellite

Sputnik 1 was the first successfully launched artificial satellite. It orbited the Earth every 98 minutes, and carried two radio transmitters.

Watching the sky

Planistpheric astrolabe

Explore astronomy as profession and pastime
- from William Herschel to Patrick Moore - on our Ingenious website.

Seeing by electricty

Discover the story of television in this rich media scene from our Making the Modern World website.