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Rulings And Judgments

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Code Title Date  
Tribunal Ruling Matters Raised At The Preliminary Hearing 24/07/1998
Tribunal Ruling Further Rulings And Observations 27/11/1998
Tribunal Ruling Rulings On Submissions: Anonymity And Venue 17/12/1998
Tribunal Ruling Ruling On Submissions Relating To Report No 1 Of Counsel To The Inquiry 18/12/1998
Tribunal Ruling Ruling On Home Addresses 22/02/1999
Court Ruling Divisional Court 16/03/1999
Court Ruling Court Of Appeal 30/03/1999
Tribunal Ruling Submissions By The BBC 30/04/1999
Tribunal Ruling Applications For Anonymity 05/05/1999
Court Ruling Divisional Court 17/06/1999
Court Ruling Court Of Appeal 28/07/1999
Tribunal Ruling Rulings And Observations 13/10/1999
Tribunal Ruling Rulings And Observations 07/02/2000
Tribunal Ruling Further Ruling: Deceased Soldiers 29/02/2000
Tribunal Ruling Ruling: Names In Public Domain 24/05/2001
Tribunal Ruling Ruling: Intelligence Material And Civilian Witnesses 01/06/2001
Tribunal Ruling Ruling: Venue 02/08/2001
Tribunal Ruling Ruling :Dr John Martin 29/05/2002
Tribunal Ruling Ruling: PII 19/12/2002
Tribunal Ruling Anonymity/Screening/Redaction 15/04/2003
Tribunal Ruling Martin Ingram 15/04/2003
Tribunal Ruling Officers Y And Z 12/05/2003
Tribunal Ruling Anonymity 23/05/2003
Ruling - Questioning Questioning Of Witnesses 10/07/2003
Ruling - Patrick Ward Ruling: Patrick Ward 18/09/2003

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