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Learning is a life-skill and cannot be confined to classrooms; indeed learning that is so confined is likely to be largely meaningless and useless. This article embraces the value of linking classroom learning meaningfully to out-of-school activity. From a teacher's perspective this may include setting homework, organising visits to museums, fieldwork, industrial/work placements, science clubs etc. Some schools now work with extended hours to help provide services and activities for pupils, families and the wider community. A wide range of activities is considered and particular emphasis is placed on considerations for pupils' well-being and safety and the legal requirements that are in place.



  1. Qualifying to Teach Standards and Requirements
  2. What is out of school hours learning?
    2.1  What activities might be involved?
  3. The Official View
  4. Organising School Visits
    4.1  Field Work
    4.2  Museums
  5. Science Clubs
  6. ATSE Conference 2004
  7. Resources


visits, fieldwork, museums, science clubs, lifelong learning

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