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Connell, Dr John

Dr John Connell is a Senior Lecturer in Dance Education at Leeds Metropolitan University.



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# The booklet exemplifies opportunities presented by a consortium of organisations to support young people’s experience of out-of-classroom learning. It is the basis for developing an understanding of Real World Learning where Every Child Matters (ECM) is at the heart of learning, which is fun, motivational, inclusive and achievable. There is also invaluable guidance to support teachers and...
# This Teachers TV programme explores an approach to learning and teaching at one school which encourages pupils and staff to work together, with a view to developing their school’s transformation away from a ‘one size fits all’ curriculum. An important component of this is the introduction of the Royal Society of Arts (RSA) Opening Minds curriculum with Year 7.
# This paper, presented at BERA 2009, focuses upon boys’ perceptions of male teachers as role models to encourage greater participation in the arts. It is highlighted from the evidence, however, that male role models are not required and that “the wrong kind of man will not do”. What is underlined is a set of key characteristics for the teacher who is ‘better than good’.
# The Double Club (DC) initiative is aimed at raising the attainment, motivation and self esteem of underachieving young people in the school setting. It is an ‘in-school extension’ of the Playing for Success (PfS) programme and provides a ‘double experience’, linking classroom-based work (namely; literacy, numeracy, ICT) and physical activity. The report examines the effectiveness of the DC...
# The Physical Education, School Sport and Club Links strategy (PESSCL) was the focus of an evaluation between September 2005 and July 2008 in a small sample of primary and secondary schools in England. These schools were visited by HMI and additional inspectors over the three year period to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of PESSCL in practice, in terms of achievement, provision and...
# This report outlines the development of a methodological approach to monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of the Extended Schools programme through exploring whether attainment varies because of extended school status. One of the overriding features of the report arises from the longevity of the programme, which currently is in its infancy. The monitoring and evaluation will extend over five...
# The Audit of Dance Provision in English schools is the first ever report of this kind. The main focus of the study is to identify the characteristics of the delivery of dance provision in English schools. This focus relates to the inclusion of time devoted to the teaching of dance education in the curriculum and as an out of school activity. This baseline data identified the dance styles and...