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This area is concerned with educational issues that may have an impact on the school as a whole or which are best dealt with by a whole school response.

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# This is a video produced by Teachers TV which focuses on continuing professional development activities within Blackwell School in Bristol. The video is based upon the use of a regular in-house newsletter employed by the school’s head of CPD to publicise opportunities to colleagues. Three examples of development activities resulting from the circulation of the newsletter are shown. First, a...
# This paper was first presented at the British Educational Research Association Annual Conference in 2009. The paper is part of the doctoral research conducted by Jo McIntyre at the University of Nottingham. The research was based in three schools in the Midlands which are within socially deprived areas, exploring the reasons why twenty teachers within challenging areas and schools have chosen to...
# Teachers TV has a week of programmes (w/c 29 March) looking at how some schools are playing their part in tackling the obesity crisis amongst our children, including tips and advice from the UK and abroad to help children stay healthy, fit and mentally strong.
# This resource is a practitioner guide for anyone adopting the role of a lead professional for a child or young person, or anyone working in a team around a child or family. The guide sets out to describe the role, its functions, the skills and knowledge required, line management responsibilities, and gives examples of practice throughout.
# Briefing paper for trainee teachers focusing on the development of multicultural education within citizenship teaching and learning.
# This resource is a research study into how schools engage with change. The study explores the nature of change management and factors which promote or hinder effective change management within the school sector from the perspective of teachers, teaching assistants and school leadership teams. It also compares the school sector with the health, local government and police sector with regards to...
# A research report of a project which investigated the views of young members of BME (Black and Minority Ethnic) communities and highlighted subsequent implications for professional development.
# This report is a literature review and summary of two decades of international research into school effectiveness. The review introduces notions of school effectiveness, and presents the types of research usually found under the guise of school effectiveness research (SER). It then goes on to draw out major themes and trends in the literature reviewed.
# The new Primary Curriculum went live on the QCDA website on 31st January 2010. In addition to information on the components of the framework, the site includes a video tour of the website itself, plus an interactive guide to the new curriculum, and seven video case studies focusing on different aspects of curriculum provision. The curriculum design tools include the opportunity to compare up to...
# This resource is a report produced by Estyn (The Welsh Schools Inspectorate) giving advice on the standards and quality of provision within schools for physical education and school sport for pupils with learning difficulties to facilitate the identification of good practice in this area.
# This resource is a video produced by Teachers TV which focuses on attainment and inclusion in primary schools. The video demonstrates this focus through a case study at Highlands Primary School which is in the London Borough of Redbridge.
# This week (w/c Dec 7), Teachers TV follows the headteacher of a National Challenge school in south London as he strives to improve GCSE results, in a series entitled "The Challenge".
# This report looks at the findings the latest cycle of New Zealand Council for Educational Research (NZCER) which periodically surveys primary and secondary schools in order to assess the impact of recent educational reforms.
# This resource is one of a series of research reports published by the Centre for Research on the Wider Benefits of Learning, Institute of Education, London. The report explores the influence of social and personal development which takes place in home and school environments, and how it may help influence children’s achievement. The report considers the relative importance of four different...
DCSF logo This is a government white paper which outlines new policies and proposed changes to legislation relating to many aspects of the English education system. It is a report aimed at all stakeholders involved in the school system, and seems to be particularly directed towards parents.
# Differentiation is a complex issue which requires teachers to think about the impact that their learning, teaching and assessment strategies have for children including those with SEN. This glossary contains: a definition, historical overview and key guidance, key research findings, implications for practice and key resources.
# One of the proposals within the recent white paper, 'Your child, your schools, our future: building a 21st century schools system', is the introduction of a School Report Card to measure school progress. This resource is a report of a small research project conducted by NFER into how these are used in other countries, and is intended to complement the work already undertaken in this area by the...
# The latest education white paper, 'Your child, your schools, our future: building a 21st century schools system', was published on 30 June. Within this, the Government describes reforms to meet the ‘challenges and changes' facing schools, and how these build on the developments of the last 12 years; included within these are changes to the curriculum, school partnerships, leadership and...
# The Children's Plan One Year On: a progress report is written and produced by the DCSF. It outlines in great detail (230 pages) the progress made by the UK government on fulfilling the aims of the Children's Plan which was presented to Parliament in December 2007. It sets out the steps the government plans to make in 2009 and beyond for integrated services (professionals in education, children...
# This review of the literature on the education of Gypsy, Roma and Traveller pupils was published recently by the DCSF