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ELibrarian question I am currently undertaking a cultural analysis of my school using the onion model 'manifestations of culture at different depths' from Hofstede and Hofstede (2005). Is there any information avaliable on school culture, particularly using this approach or in general around school mission statements and how that effects the school ethos and day to day operating. This is for M-level work. I have...
ELibrarian question Hi I hope you can help I am writing an essay about sensitive topics in the school curriculum particularly in science and I really can't find any research or journals which discuss the topic am look for information about teaching evolution to religous children and about smoking when a lot of pupils will have family who smoke or have died from the associated diseases. Thanks I will be grateful...
ELibrarian question I am currently writing my literature review for my dissertation. I am looking at father’s involvement in children’s education. I have found lots of useful items for parent involvement generally but nothing specific to fathers? Also, something that conflicts with the view that parental involvement is good/ improves children’s attainment.
ELibrarian question I work with post 16 learners with autistic spectrum conditions and I am looking for diagnostic assessment tools specific to the triad of ASC conditions and sensory perception difficulties, to assess support need within educational settings specific to ASC .
ELibrarian question I'm trying to find any research into the characteristics that are known to make an ITT applicant into a good (successful) teacher in the long term. Is this for example linked to academic achievement at university (does a 1st class degree influence success against a 2:2 or othwerwise), psychological characteristcis or otherwise. Essentially I'm trying to research if we can influence the chance of...
ELibrarian question Dear E Librarian, I would be very grateful if you could direct me towards any information, research related to my dissertation question. – To develop a software resource for use with EAL learners who have Urdu as their first language. Thank you
ELibrarian question Hi, Currently trying to do a literature review for university. My aim is to develop a sensory garden for under two's. However i am struggling with how to begin the review, I've tried looking for literature review examples on line. Also how to start the review with the aim to linking it to current legislation and research. I would be grateful for any assistance. Many thanks
# This is a report of a Research and Development project to develop practice based learning materials to support multi-agency working. A third round of Research and Development projects was supported by TDA funding to develop the knowledge base in ITT & CPD and focused on Special Educational Needs (SEN). The projects featured innovative, exploratory and developmental research.
# In this resource on the Music-ITE website, Gary Spruce considers what is meant by the terms ‘listening’, ‘appraising’ and ‘responding’, and explores the strengths and limitations of traditional approaches to listening and appraising. Also, a range of approaches to supporting pupils’ development as listeners and appraisers is explored, and ways of supporting student teachers in planning for a...
ELibrarian question Hi, I am looking for evidence (articles, essays, publications) which highlights international perspectives, approaches or policies on inclusive education. Generally, but not always, this refers to the inclusion of children with special educational needs and disabilities in mainstream schooling. Can you help at all?
ELibrarian question What are the benefits/drawbacks of using oral presentation as a method of assessing BAITT students?
# This chapter is taken from "The Coaching Toolkit: A Practical Guide for Your School" (Allison & Harbour, 2009), published by Sage. It takes the form of an extended case study of coaching practice within a single secondary school, and considers the value of collaborative or 'co-coaching' (in this case, peer to peer coaching) with NQTs. It also considers the use of more general coaching...
ELibrarian question Hi Is there any research/policies which suggest how subject teaching may change in the next 10 years? Thanks.
ELibrarian question Hi, I am currently doing an assignment on dyslexia and I wondered if you could provide me with any information on the misconceptions of dyslexia. Thanks.
# Teachers TV has a week of programming focusing on ICT in the classroom, w/c 7 June. Included within this are programmes on using ICT in teaching secondary MFL and geography, as well as how to integrate ICT across all areas of a new primary school.
ELibrarian question Hi I am studying the issues facing a researcher in the majority world setting and need to contrast minority world setting examples of research to illustrate my points, practical, ethical, cultural and legal. There has been a strong focus on Participatory Action Research in my course-work. The search words are developing countries: international research: childhood research: Would you be able to...
# In June 1999, management consultants Hay McBer were commissioned by the DfEE (now the Department for Education) to analyse what effective teachers do in practice. Evidence was drawn from interviews, questionnaires, observation and focus-group discussions with teachers at three levels of professional development (main professional grade, through the threshold and outstanding teachers). The full...
# This literature review was commissioned by the Training and Development Agency for Schools (TDA). It presents a summary and analysis of existing research into ITT partnership published between 2004 and 2009.
# This resource is one of a series of OECD Education Working papers disseminating the results of studies to a wider readership. Here the focus is on analysing current practices regarding teacher evaluation together with a review of recent literature. The field examined covers both primary and secondary sectors. The study begins with a survey of the key features of teacher evaluation schemes in use...
# This academic paper, published in the European Educational Research Journal, is a study of how information and communication technologies (ICT) are perceived in educational settings. It seeks to establish a critical link between the political rhetoric of ICT within the Norwegian education system and what the authors refer to as a new 'language of learning' that ICT can help to facilitate.