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For more resources on Art and Design, please visit the National Society for Education in Art and Design (NSEAD) Subject Resource Network.

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# June 2010 marks the third Gypsy, Roma and Traveller History Month. This annual event aims to celebrate the rich heritage, history and culture of Gypsy, Roma and Traveller communities.
ELibrarian question Hello I am writing my lit review for my final year project and I am having trouble finding any supporting or non supporting articles for my project. I am looking at whether 'Art' can be used to express a better understanding of an 'English comprehension' in yr3 Ks2. To see if this helps children who are not expressive with written laungage. Either with SEN or not. Thank you!
ELibrarian question Hi.. I have used this service before and i was really pleased with the help that you gave me. I am a PGCE student completing my Enhanced Study Literary Review, I would really like some help to find some information to support my question which is: Can art enable pupils to have the opportunity to enhance community cohesion. I have looked through the e-journals on the e-library from Christ Church I...
# This paper, presented at BERA 2009, focuses upon boys’ perceptions of male teachers as role models to encourage greater participation in the arts. It is highlighted from the evidence, however, that male role models are not required and that “the wrong kind of man will not do”. What is underlined is a set of key characteristics for the teacher who is ‘better than good’.
ELibrarian question I am doing a research project for my PGCE on creating videos of my dressmaking demonstrations and putting them into a VLE. This is to findi out how useful the videos will be for the learners. Please could you tell me if there is any reseach in existance that I could look at to support my own reseach?
# The resource is a research paper that forms part of a much wider initiative, the Higher Education Arts and Schools (HEARTS) project, and specifically discusses the development of a collaborative project between the education faculty at Canterbury Christ Church University (CCCU) and local schools. Entitled ‘Strangely Familiar’, the researchers aimed to demonstrate the impact of involvement in the...
ELibrarian question Is a new curriculum the way forward for Primary education? A consideration of two different initiatives. This is the question that I will be attempting to examine in this research project. The initiatives that are mentioned will be the Rose Review (2009) and the International Baccalaureate Organisation document (2007) I am attempting to find good source materials for a literature review but I am...
# A range of classroom resources, which have been developed by eleven subject associations working with the CfSA (The Council for Subject Associations), for teachers to use in the classroom, in order to increase their confidence, knowledge and understanding within the context of promoting community cohesion and the prevention of violent extremism.
Ofsted logo This report summarises the evidence from inspectors of Ofsted’s subject survey programme during 2007/8 on the quality of teaching across the primary curriculum in all subjects. It excludes English and mathematics, but includes religious education, PSHE and citizenship. It focuses on aspects of good practice in teaching these non-core subjects and identifies good subject knowledge as a key factor...
ELibrarian question What is the rationale that underpins the learning opportunities for KS1 children in art and design, and what contribution does it make to children's development?
ELibrarian question Hello My degree dissertation topic is about how Art and Design can help students with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. I have searched key words such as ADHD, art benefits, restriction, etc but found no excate matches. Please would you be able to identify any information / sources that will be useful? Thank you for your help
# The MACI project is an example of a cross-curricular citizenship project. It challenges students to work in groups and over thirteen weeks to use citizenship, music, art and ICT to produce a video about ‘A problem in the school or community that concerns them most’. This word document includes the pupils' work book as well as briefing notes for teachers.
ELibrarian question Hi, Can you help? I am on my final year of my teacher training and I am conducting a small scale research project. (Possibly KS2 Children) The aim of my research is to find out how personal choice affects children’s art work? Why children select objects to draw? Motivational issues, participation, processes, and why selections have been made? I would like to focus on drawing but this will...
ELibrarian question Hi, I am a student teacher and i am doing my dissertation on observation drawing, so i was wondering if you can help me find suitable materials in terms of the skills involved /used in developing children's observation drawing. Many thanks
ELibrarian question I need guidance on finding out about how and when art began being taught in the british education sysytem, also in what age groups and where the influences were coming from. this is to assist with comapring the history of art to the current cross curricular system.
ELibrarian question Hi, I am doing my dissertation about creativing teaching approaches to the learning of children on the autistic spectrum. Can you suggest any reading? Thank you
ELibrarian question I am considering conducting a small scale research project into 'how emotions can be expressed through art activities within the primary school curriculum'..... REPHRASED 'helping our children develop their emotional intelligence through art within the primary school. The area is art activities (which may need to be refined to painting/ drawing etc and providing a platform so that children can...
ELibrarian question Hello, I was wondering if you would be able to help me to find some literature for my dissertation, as I am really struggling to find any that is directly related? I am doing the primary teaching course, and am trying to find research related to my study, as yet I have found none! I am looking for how art (skills) can be used to improve children's handwritng. Looking at things like motor skills...
ELibrarian question Hello. You have always been helpful in the past, and I was hoping you would be of help again. I am doing an art reserach project on childrens view towards art and artist, asking them to draw what an artist looks like and what they do and what classifys as art. I am struggling to find any articles that i can use to help. Please can you help?
ELibrarian question Issues surrounding the assessment of creative subjects- the assignment is discussing whether subjects such as art, poetry, music etc can be effectively assessed, and if the way they are assessed hinders creativity or help future learning. In particular the essay will discuss if there is a wrong answer in these subjective subjects and if self-expression can be assessed on a standardized format....