Born to be Great: A Charter on Promoting the Achievement of Black Caribbean Boys - NUT (2007)

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This Charter on promoting the achievement of black Caribbean boys is based on the fundamental belief that whatever their needs, no child or young person should ever be ‘written off' or have their potential underestimated. The NUT believes that the public provision of quality education is a fundamental entitlement for all.

By setting out the rights, entitlements and responsibilities of all stakeholders, the Charter seeks to promote a common understanding on the issues and challenges of promoting the achievement of black Caribbean boys.

The NUT recommends this Charter as a working document for all those who have a stake in promoting the achievement of black Caribbean boys. In particular, it is recommended to:

  • schools
  • communities
  • students
  • parents and carers
  • teaching profession
  • employers, colleges and universities
  • government


Implications for ITE tutors/mentors:


This is a useful document that could be used with trainees to explore strategies which could be implemented in order to address the underachievement of black Caribbean boys. The document is clearly set out with bullet pointed lists of entitlements and responsibilities of pupils, schools and parents/carers which could form the basis of further discussion or development plans for specific school contexts. For example, trainees could be asked to discuss how each of the 'rights/entitlements' of pupils (see for example page 6 of the attached publication) could be reflected in the reality and day to day practice in schools and classrooms.


Relevance to ITE students/early career teachers:


The ways in which teachers can address the underachievement of any group should be of fundamental importance to all. This document provides a clear overview of the principles which should guide teachers in this endeavour with particular regard to black Caribbean boys. Reference to further reading is also provided which could support  students both on  practical and theoretical levels.


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