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Report of the The Bloody Sunday Inquiry
- Volume VI - Chapter 106

Abbey Park – the layout of this part of the city

Chapter 106: Abbey Park – the layout of this part of the city

106.1 Abbey Park was in 1972 a modern development built immediately to the north-west of Glenfada Park South. Fahan Street West (Old Bog Road) bordered it to the south-west and Frederick Street to the north-east and north-west. Two well-known buildings on the north side of Frederick Street faced southwards towards Abbey Park. They were the Stardust Hall and the Credit Union building. The latter stood on the corner of Frederick Street and Abbey Street. Both buildings can be seen in the photograph below. The photographer was looking north-west from the City Walls.

106.2 Abbey Park consisted of two sets of buildings. On the north-west side of Abbey Park was a three-storey block, fairly similar in appearance to the blocks of Columbcille Court. To the south-east were two blocks of terraced houses, each of two storeys. One block was L-shaped; the other formed a straight row. These sets of buildings are seen in the following aerial photograph, which was taken from the north-east.

106.3 The Inquiry is concerned in particular with events that occurred near the L-shaped block, the short side of which faced Glenfada Park South. This block is seen towards the top of the photograph above.

106.4 The short side consisted of three terraced houses, numbers 6, 7 and 8 Abbey Park, numbered from south to north, so that Number 8 was on the corner of the short and long sides. The front doors of these houses faced Glenfada Park South. There was an area of garden in front of each house, bordered by a low wall. At the south end of the short side was a gap between it and the straight block of houses which faced onto Fahan Street West.

106.5 The longer side of the L-shaped block consisted of further terraced houses, numbers 9, 10 and 11 Abbey Park.

106.6 The photograph below shows numbers 6, 7 and 8 Abbey Park and the gardens in front of these houses. The paved area between Glenfada Park South and Abbey Park is also visible. This area rose slightly in height as it approached Abbey Park. A cobbled strip ran down the middle of the paving. Three sets of shallow steps traversed the cobbled strip, since the north-western side of the path from Fahan Street West was higher than the south-eastern side. The photograph shows two of these sets of steps.

106.7 The third set of steps was slightly to the north-west of the alleyway leading from Glenfada Park into Abbey Park. All three sets of steps can just be seen in the photograph below.