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Familiarising yourself with our passenger information will give you the best opportunity for an easy flight and holiday.

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More information about how volcanic ash is affecting UK airspace, including links to other key organisations and FAQs about the situation.

Learn how to get peace of mind through ATOL.

For the latest ATOL news including failure information please visit:

Should you be concerned about your health when flying, and what impact can existing medical conditions have on your ability to fly?

Tickets, passports, baggage, dangerous goods and security checks. The things you must know before flying.

While on-board the aircraft, you need to be familiar with the safety procedures, including when you can use electronic equipment.

Do you know your rights regarding cancellations and delays, and what help is available to those with reduced mobility?

If something goes wrong, or you are unhappy with the service you have received, who should you contact?

Your safety is the number one priority of the whole aviation industry. Learn about what measures make flying as safe as it is.

We all have an impact on the environment around us. What impact does aviation have, and what is being done to reduce it?

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