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How to?

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Sooner or later we all have difficulties that involve the law and our rights. We all buy things that break, and it is likely that we will have a problem with a landlord or boss, a bank, or a government department at some point in our lives.

In this section, we show you how to deal with your problem effectively, whatever it is.

We aim to give you the know-how and the skills needed to deal with all kinds of problems and show you the tricks of the trade advisers use to ensure they solve a problem successfully.

Seven steps to solving any problem

Older man in field We believe there are seven steps to sorting out any problem, and on these pages we’ll show you the tricks you need to solve problems as quickly and efficiently as possible. Don't stress about it - success is just seven steps away...

Tracker Tool

Pregnant woman at work new The Tracker Tool is a free online tool. Once you register, you can store a record of the all the calls, meetings, letters, and notes you have made about your problem, and set reminders for yourself.

Do I need a lawyer?

Couple 5 with form new If you’ve got a problem and you don’t know what to do next there are lots of different organisations who can help you. We explain how they work and what they can do for you.

Getting help

Jim and adviser new Need help with a legal problem? There are lots of different ways you can get help and advice to deal with a problem. Find advice services and solicitors near you who can help you solve your problem.

Young people's advice

Homeless young woman new So you’ve got a problem that you don’t know how to deal with. You don’t want to talk to your mum about it, and your mates know next to nothing. Where can you go to get some proper advice?

How to make a complaint

Advice Now Web 0024 Op Ever been annoyed with a company or a service? Did you seethe with frustration and say nothing, or lose your temper only to wish you'd handled it better afterwards? Very few of us get it right first time. Our guide will show you...

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Get advice

Need help with a problem? Find advice services and solicitors near you who can help you solve your problem. Many people are able to get free help and advice.