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Terms for 'B'

  • Baseline assessment

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    Baseline assessment has now been replaced by the Early Years Foundation Stage profile.

    Also see  Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS)

  • Beacon Schools

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    Schools identified as among the best performing in the country, in order to share good practice with other schools. The Beacon Schools programme was phased out in 2005.

  • Becta

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    On 24 May 2010 it was announced that the Coalition Government would be ceasing funding to Becta by March 2011.

  • Behaviour

    The Department recognises that effective teaching and learning are most likely to take place in orderly classes with well-behaved pupils.

  • Behaviour management

    Providing structure and support to enable pupils to develop appropriate behaviour by building on their strengths and developing their confidence in their own abilities.

  • Benchmarking

    Comparing a school's costs and income with those of a similar school.

  • BETT

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    The British Education and Teaching Technology show: an annual trade show that showcases the use of ICT in schools, usually held in January in London. It also features a programme of seminars and presentations.

  • BIP

    The Behaviour Improvement Programme, a programme for improving behaviour and attendance in schools, providing extra funding and intensive support to key areas. The programme came to an official end in 2006.

    Also see  Behaviour

  • Building bridges

    The Independent / State School Partnership scheme (or 'Building Bridges' as it has come to be known) was set up to encourage collaborative working between independent and maintained schools.

  • Building Schools for the Future (BSF)

    The Government investment programme in secondary school buildings, set up in 2005 with the aim of rebuilding or renewing every secondary school in England over a 10- to 15-year period.

  • Bullying

    Bullying can be defined as repeated acts of emotional, verbal and physical abuse by more powerful individuals or groups against those who are less powerful.

  • Burgundy book

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    The common name for the Conditions of Service for School Teachers in England and Wales document. This details conditions of service, not covered by statute, negotiated between the national employers and trade unions.

  • Bursars

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    School bursars are employed to ensure the most effective use of all school resources. Their role is essential to supporting teaching and learning. They are also involved in strategic planning and risk management.