Episode seven: The Website, the Blog and 'Emily'

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A year 5 project sets Catherine, Anu and Oliver off on an investigation of how the school uses their website and how they are starting to use their new learning platform or managed learning environment (MLE). Deputy head Lesley knows about their website but what exciting plans do the ICT Team have for developing the MLE? 

Meanwhile year 6 pupils and headteacher Vicki are at the old Ayloff site to see how  the new building is going. They take photos and interview the builders as they plan to write up their blog to report back to the rest of the school and their parents. Is the new school build on track?

With the introduction of their MLE, Vicki is putting a number of options in place to make sure that all children – and their parents -  have access to technology when they need it, and what about e-safety?  It is safer internet day so she takes the opportunity to hold a special assembly to help the children learn more about staying safe online.

The end of the day and year 5 pupils return to Catherine’s parent’s house to report back on their findings. They are now much more clued up on their website and are looking forward to working with “Emily”.