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Shantanu Mitra
Posted 23 November 2009
In my first blog I wrote about climate change and development in rather general terms, and about some of the thinkers who have influenced my understanding of the issue. The comments posted by readers have been impressively detailed and wide-ranging - touching on agricultural yields, national security, population control, construction techniques, the timber industry and [...]

Jummai Bappah
Posted 13 November 2009
Last Thursday, at around 8.30am, I sat in the queue at the Sir Sanusi Hospital waiting to see the doctor. There were 15 of us in the women’s queue and about the same number in the men’s. Two men came in suddenly carrying an old man. They sat him on the floor as there was no [...]

Ian Attfield
Posted 9 November 2009
Nigeria is currently going through its own mini World Cup fiesta. After many months of doubt, deliberation and dubious ‘readiness reports’ the FIFA Under 17 World Cup is on and much of this football crazy nation are intensively following the super Eaglets quest for glory, to restore national pride and re-capture their 1999 Crown.  It's hard to [...]

Simone Banister
Posted 5 November 2009
Last week I participated in a panel discussion which was part of a premiere launch of the movie ‘The Burning Agenda’. This is a film, produced by Dr Owen Day from the Buccoo Reef Trust and supported by the UK government as part of their Equity campaign, to strengthen the voice of vulnerable countries like [...]

Mark George
One of my roles working for DFID is to explore ways in which the UK and China can work together to promote development in Africa. We discuss these issues in big international meetings. We have started to do this in African capitals. We have even started some China-UK-Africa projects on rural roads in DRC, UN [...]

Sarah Sanyahumbi
Posted 2 November 2009
As you may have seen from the press, Geri Halliwell (ex-Spice Girl) was here a few weeks back as a UNFPA Ambassador to help raise awareness of women’s issues in Nepal. While here, Geri helped launch a Violence Against Women campaign together with the Prime Minister of Nepal, visited a number of programmes run by the UN [...]