MESH Confidence Assessment


An important part of the MESH process has been to focus on the integrity of existing maps and to encourage an honest / open approach to assessing the suitability of each map to the intended purpose.  The project has developed a ‘confidence assessment methodology’ where the evaluation process addresses three main questions:

1. How good is the remote sensing?
2. How good is the ground truthing?

3. How good is the data interpretation?
These questions were selected because MESH promotes the creation of habitat maps through the interpretation of remote sensing data and ground truthing data. The maps on the MESH webGIS are presented with confidence ratings so that end-users can determine their adequacy for decision-making. In addition, future survey effort can be strategically directed to areas where maps have relatively low confidence or no map coverage.  The selection of maps assessed includes historical maps as well as recent maps. For guiding future work, MESH developed a survey scoping tool that assists the survey planning stage to help assure a project can deliver a final map with the desired confidence rating.
The ICES (International Council for the Exploration of the Seas) Working Group for Marine Habitat Mapping reviewed the MESH confidence assessment tools and commented, “This is considered to be the first multi-criteria, systematic, confidence assessment methodology of its kind to be produced for marine habitat mapping”.
The MESH Confidence Assessment Tool is available either as a template MS Excel spreadsheet, most appropriate for the assessment of multiple maps, or as a Flash tool, more appropriate for the assessment of a single map, and potentially a useful tool in the planning process. These can be accessed by clicking on the links below.

MESH Confidence Assessment Tools
Confidence Assessment Tools Date Type
MESH Confidence Assessment Tool   Flash
Use the Scoresheet tab to enter your confidence assessments for maps. Scoring guidelines are held in separate tabs, or you can refer to the guidance document below if you prefer. Do not change the weightings if you are making assessments which you will contribute to MESH.
 03/02/10  .xls 
MESH Confidence Assessment Guidance
Guidelines for assessing the confidence of a map bases on a number of factors. These guidelines are the same as those included in the tabs of the MESH Confidence Assessment Scoresheet.
 20/04/07  .doc
GMHM1-28 Confidence Map
MESH Confidence Assessment
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