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Work Clubs

We want to Get Britain Working. We have set out a number of major welfare to work reforms which aim to fight poverty, support the most vulnerable and help people break the cycle of benefit dependency.

Work Clubs is a Great Britain wide initiative which aims to support the development of a network of locally led, community based support for the unemployed which will grow organically across the country.

We have provided some resources further down this page to help you set up and run or support a Work Club in your area.

The main aim of Work Clubs is to help people make the most of local knowledge and resources to help unemployed people in their communities gain employment. They will empower local communities and encourage people to work together to offer additional support to the unemployed.

Work Clubs will provide unemployed people with a place to meet and exchange skills, find opportunities, make contacts, share experiences and receive support to help them in their return to work.

Work Clubs is one of a number of options we are developing to get Britain working and will focus on supporting the move into a job ahead of entry to the Work Programme.

Setting up a Work Club

If you are interested in setting up a Work Club or think you could help support one, then you can find practical help and advice in the products below. These should provide you with information that will tell you what you need to know and who you should contact.

You can use the case study and press release templates below to help publicise your Work Club. All you need to do is put your own information on the template ­– but remember these are only suggestions and you may wish to use your own materials.

We will continue to add to the resources on this site so please visit again for further information