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Changes to evidence requirements

From 15 November 2010, DWP will reduce the number of documents we ask customers to provide to support their claim for benefits. We are able to do this by confirming a customer’s circumstances using information we already hold. This approach will help to identify customers whose information needs more rigorous checking and intervention, which will help to reduce fraud and error.

We will still expect customers to provide accurate and complete answers to questions. But they will not need to provide us with additional documentary evidence about subjects such as child benefit, voluntary work and hospital stays.

The new system has been carefully developed by looking at the most common areas where fraud occurs, to ensure that none of the items removed from the compulsory list of requirements will impact negatively on fraud and error offences.

These changes will result in a more effective and efficient claims process for both customers and staff.

Circumstances we will not seek additional documentary evidence for:

Circumstances we still require additional documentary evidence for: