Research and Statistics

Earnings Top-up Evaluation: Effects on Unemployed People

Research Report No. 131

Part One: Surveys of Unemployed People

By Alison Smith and Richard Dorsett

Part Two: Econometric Analysis

By Abigail McKnight

The Earnings Top-up (ETU) pilot ran for three years in eight areas across the UK. The evaluation integrated three complementary approaches; two quantitative impact studies conducted by the Institute for Employment Research (IER) and the Policy Studies Institute (PSI); and a qualitative process evaluation carried out by the Centre for Research in Social Policy (CRSP). This report is one of seven final reports published from the ETU evaluation.

This first part of this report presents the findings of surveys of unemployed people conducted by PSI throughout the ETU pilot. The report considers unemployed people's experiences of ETU, benefit reciept, their income, contact with the labour market and labour market outcomes. The second part presents findings from econometric analysis, carried out by IER, to assess the overall impact of ETU on unemployment and the effect on individual groups of unemployed people.

January 2001 183 pages 297x210mm

ISBN 1 84123 289 0 £38.00

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