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Better future partners - pensions are changing

DWP has produced a range of materials to help partner organisations and advisers understand the changes to State Pensions that came into effect on 6 April 2010. The links to these materials are below. However, following the formation of the new UK Government, some further changes to State Pensions have been announced, which are explained in the following paragraphs. Please bear these in mind as you read the materials.

Protecting the value of the basic State Pension

The basic State Pension is usually increased each year to protect its value and ensure it will buy roughly the same in future as it does now. At the moment, the basic State Pension is usually increased annually, by prices. The Government has announced that from April 2011 the basic State Pension will be increased every year by the highest of the growth in average earnings, prices, or 2.5% (a "triple guarantee"). This only applies to the basic State Pension. Annual increases are not paid to people who get a UK State Pension and who live in certain countries overseas.

State Pension age

The Government is reviewing the current timetable for increasing the State Pension age from 65 to 66. No decision has yet been made as to how this timetable will change. Any change would require the approval of Parliament.

The Government published a call for evidence on 24 June 2010 that ran until 6 August 2010 to inform the decision about when the State Pension age should increase to 66. You can read the proposals at:

Supporting your work

The tools and resources on this page are designed to help you and your colleagues inform people about how the changes to state pensions may affect them, and the simple steps they can take to boost their income in later life. The pack contains:

For the people you reach:

For you and your colleagues:

If you would like to discuss these resources further or have any questions, please get in touch by emailing

More information can be found in the Pensions Reform area of this website. The State Pensions Reform briefing pack for advisers (link below) provides more detail on the changes to State Pensions.

From 2012, changes to workplace pensions mean that many more people will be able to benefit from an employer pension. We’ll provide more information about this in due course.