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Working in partnership

As we move towards increased electronic working, we'd like to work in partnership with case and account management software vendors. This page informs software vendors on how to deliver systems compatible with the LSC.

We're driving forward a programme of change that impacts on the products and services vendors provide to legal aid practitioners. Our aim is to ensure vendors have accurate and up to date information needed to make changes in accordance with the proposed requirements.

Software vendor Q&As

This is v0.13 of the Software Vendor Q&A. It replaces the previous monthly released Q&A document and will be updated on a regular basis.

Please refer to the guidance and reference documents if you cannot find the answer you are looking for in this document.

You can also find the minutes from the last software vendor’s conference and a copy of the presentations under documents.

Crown Court Litigator Fee (CCLF) Online

On 14 January 2008, the LSC implemented the new Litigators Graduated Fee Scheme (LGFS). 

This has been developed to provide a clear payment system for solicitors who undertake Crown Court work. 

Crown Court Litigator Fee (CCLF) Online has been designed to encourage solicitors to claim LGFS payments electronically. 

There will be no provision in CCLF Online to bulkload data so no changes will need to be made to your case management systems.

Further information on the new fee scheme and CCLF Online is in the documents panel of this page.

Contact us

Before contacting us please check the latest Q&A and the software vendor updates page.

If your query is not already covered in the Q&A and the software vendor updates page you can email the Software Vendor Support team. We will source the best person to answer your query and circulate full responses via direct email and update the Software Vendor Q&A.

To help us deal with your enquiry as promptly as possible please provide us with the following:


Last updated: 30 September 2010

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