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Legal aid information leaflets

Our eight information leaflets on the right give practical information on civil and criminal legal aid. They explain:

You can view or download the leaflets from the documents section. The table explains what you'll find in each.

Leaflet  Description
A Step-by-Step Guide to Legal Aid, Help with paying for civil cases (LSCG2) 

This leaflet explains how the LSC funds civil legal services. It replaces The 'Practical Guide to Community Legal Service Funding by the Legal Services Commission' leaflet

A Practical Guide to Criminal Defence Services (LSCIL2E) This leaflet explains how the Criminal Defence Service works.
Criminal Defence Services at the Police Station and in Court (LSCIL3E) What rights people have to legal advice, assistance and representation if they are taken to a police station for questioning or charged with a criminal offence and required to appear in court.
Paying for Your Legal Aid (the Statutory Charge) (LSCIL4E) Explains when you might have to repay your legal aid and how to do it
Complaints: How to complain to the Legal Services Commission (LSCIL5E)

This leaflet explains how you can complain if you feel something has gone wrong.

Representations (LSCIL6E) What happens if you think somebody has incorrectly been granted a Community Legal Service Funding certificate
Special Investigations Unit (LSCIL7E) What measures the LSC may take to ensure that legal aid payments are assessed on accurate financial information
Access to Information (LSCIL9E) How you can find out what information the LSC holds about you and how to access official information that we keep on record

Free, confidential and independent legal advice

If you would like legal information on specific areas of law Community Legal Advice  can help with legal problems such as debt and housing if you are eligible for legal aid. 

Call the helpline now on 0845 345 4345

Calls cost no more than 4p per minute from a BT landline but calls from mobiles are usually more. If you're worried about the cost you can ask an adviser to call you back.

The helpline has a translation service if you would like advice in a language other than English or Welsh.

Leaflets about key areas of the law

Independent experts have written a series of leaflets that provide basic information on key areas of the law. They are about issues that affect people's everyday lives such as:

The leaflets are written clearly and simply to help readers understand how the law applies and where they can go for further help. They are updated regularly to ensure that the information remains accurate and relevant.

The leaflets are on the Community Legal Advice website. All are available in English and Welsh, Braille and audio. Some are available in a number of other languages.

For more information

Queries or comments about the leaflets can be directed to:

Tracy Scott
Community Legal Advice


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Last updated: 18 August 2010

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