Ministry of Justice


Guidance for members of the judiciary, legal practitioners and other interested professionals which covers a wide range of policy areas, including freedom of information, elections and human rights.

Under the Code of Practice on Guidance on Regulation, we have produced a list of guidance documents aimed at business.

Picture of Burials


Guidance for burial ground managers, custodians of war memorials, archaeologists and others.

Picture of Care proceedings reform

Care proceedings reform

We are committed to reducing unnecessary delay in care proceedings, bringing together all the agencies involved in the care proceedings system with local accountability.

Picture of Coroners


Guidance for coroners on reports to prevent future deaths and on the supply of information concerning the death of children.

Picture of Corporate Manslaughter and Corporate Homicide Act 2007

Corporate Manslaughter and Corporate Homicide Act 2007

The Corporate Manslaughter and Corporate Homicide Act introduces a new offence, across the UK.

Picture of Cremation


The Cremation Regulations 2008 come into effect on 1 January 2009. They modernise and consolidate all previous regulations, replacing the Cremation Regulations 1930 as amended.

Picture of Data protection

Data protection

Guidance for professionals and practitioners on application of the Data Protection Act 1998.

Picture of Devolution


The Prime Minister has agreed that those areas of political reform for which the Deputy Prime Minister will have direct responsibility should transfer from the Ministry of Justice to the Cabinet Office.

Picture of Elections


Guidance for electoral administrators including electoral modernisation pilots and acting returning offers guidance.

Picture of EU funding

EU funding

Guidance for non-profit organisations on applying for European Union grants under its fundamental rights and justice programme.

Picture of Flu pandemic

Flu pandemic

Guidance for coroners, planners and justice system agencies in the event of a flu pandemic in England and Wales.

Picture of Forced labour

Forced labour

Guidance on the new offence: Holding someone in slavery or servitude, or requiring forced or compulsory labour.

Picture of Forced marriage

Forced marriage

Guidance for local authorities on applying for forced marriage protection orders and information for other agencies.

Picture of Forms of address

Forms of address

Guidance on how to address ministers, the judiciary, peers and members of parliament verbally and in writing.

Picture of Freedom of information

Freedom of information

Guidance and resources to help those who work in central government, or other public authorities, to deal with freedom of information requests.

Picture of Human rights

Human rights

Human rights guidance documents

Picture of Justice impact test

Justice impact test

Guidance aimed at policy makers in government departments to help them assess the impact of their proposals on the justice system.

Picture of Mental Capacity

Mental Capacity

The Mental Capacity Act provides a framework to empower and protect people who may lack capacity to make some decisions for themselves.

Picture of Mentally disordered offenders

Mentally disordered offenders

Guidance and forms for those working with mentally disordered offenders (restricted patients).

Picture of Pleural plaques former claimants payment scheme

Pleural plaques former claimants payment scheme

How to apply for a payment under the pleural plaques former claimants payment scheme.

Picture of Referral orders

Referral orders

Guidance for youth offending teams, community panel members and the courts on referral orders for young offenders.

Picture of Regulatory offences

Regulatory offences

Guidance for government departments and agencies on creating new regulatory penalties and offences.