Ministry of Justice

Legal advice at local level - implementation plan

Date: 24 September 2009

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An implementation plan following a study examining the impact of legal aid reform, trends in funding and the recession on the provision of local legal advice.

The study was commissioned in December 2008 in response to concerns about the impact of recent reforms on the provision of civil legal advice and the likelihood that the recession will increase demand.

Ministry of Justice officials travelled around England and Wales to talk to local advice providers, solicitors in private practice and not-for-profit organisations, and key funders such as local authorities and central government departments.

The study has given us a more complete picture of the issues affecting local advice provision and the level of information available, and enabled us to identify key areas for further work and develop an action plan.

Implementation plan

The report makes nine recommendations and the implementation plan sets out how we will take the recommendations forward. During the next stage we intend to look at the actions that can be taken to reduce negative impacts and improve the position of advice providers and their ability to assist those most in need.