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Q2 Demonstrate the positive values, attitudes and behaviour

Q2 Demonstrate the positive values, attitudes and behaviour they expect from children and young people.

The TDA has further guidance on this QTS standard.

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# This resource is an activity for use with Primary (Key Stage 2) and Secondary (Key Stage 3) school pupils. It consists of sets of fact and question cards tracking the diverse peoples coming to Britain from the first millennium to the present day.
# The Nasen Conference: Developing Emotional Intelligence: Strategies for Managing Behavioural, Emotional & Social Difficulties will take place at One America Square, London on 8th October 2010.
# Sustainable development and citizenship are two educational dimensions to which science has much to contribute. This article from the Sci-tutors website provides guidance in both statutory and non-statutory aspects for provision in primary and secondary schools.
# This paper was first presented at the British Educational Research Association Annual Conference in 2009. The paper is part of the doctoral research conducted by Jo McIntyre at the University of Nottingham. The research was based in three schools in the Midlands which are within socially deprived areas, exploring the reasons why twenty teachers within challenging areas and schools have chosen to...
Bullying UK logo At the end of March Apple released a free app (application) for the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.
# This 15 minute video showcases two grant- funded educational projects that were developed to encourage schools to become more inclusive environments for Traveller children.
# This video is part of the How am I different? series of Teachers TV programmes. It portrays the educational experiences of a ten year old Traveller girl of Irish heritage.
# This resource on the Music-ITE website attempts to identify some of the generic process involved in classroom compositions. Far from aiming to offer a series of specific tasks, it sets out to identify generic starting points from which student teachers can identify personalised tasks. The resource offers some examples of activities and there is support for discussion and reflection throughout.
# Discipline in Schools: Report of the Committee of Enquiry chaired by Lord Elton
# This module on the Music-ITE website has been designed to support the teaching of singing by tutors with some understanding of how to set about the task. The activities and materials have been designed to provide a sensitive approach to getting students singing. There is an attempt to identify free resources which could support students’ work in schools, and there is an opportunity for critical...
Demos logo Youth disengagment is a big and costly problem: the current generation of 16-18 year olds not in education, employment or training ('NEET') will cost society an estimated £31bn over their lifetime, including the costs of unemployment, to health services and to the criminal justice system.
# Teachers TV has week of programmes (w/c 22 February) offering advice and insights about coping with some of the major factors contributing to staff stress, including excessive workload, difficult pupil behaviour and workplace bullying.
# To mark ‘Go Green Week', the annual student week of action on climate change, Teachers TV is showing a week of programmes (w/c 8 February) looking at some of the issues and potential solutions around global warming. In addition, to mark the 5th anniversary of the launch of the unique TV channel for everyone who works in schools on 8th February, Teachers TV will be showing 40 of its most memorable...
Outline of discussion activity which aims to engage trainee teachers in considering the implications of the Race Relations (Amendment) Act (2000) and the importance of the monitoring and recording of racist incidents.
# This paper, presented at BERA 2009, focuses upon boys’ perceptions of male teachers as role models to encourage greater participation in the arts. It is highlighted from the evidence, however, that male role models are not required and that “the wrong kind of man will not do”. What is underlined is a set of key characteristics for the teacher who is ‘better than good’.
Ofsted logo This resource is a 2003 Ofsted report into good practice in education for sustainable development (ESD) in primary and secondary schools. Successful schools had experimented over time and had integrated ESD into the work of the whole school.
# This resource is a video produced by Teachers TV which focuses on attainment and inclusion in primary schools. The video demonstrates this focus through a case study at Highlands Primary School which is in the London Borough of Redbridge.
# This guidance, published by the DCSF in 2009, is aimed at practitioners working across the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS). The guidance materials, which consist of a booklet and a DVD-ROM, encourage reflection on the quality of the provision made in EY settings for Gypsy, Roma and Traveller (GRT) children and their families.
# This was a lunch time debate to celebrate the re-publication of this highly influential book that has been out of print since 1992. Its importance derives from its account of working class northern culture from the nineteen thirties to fifties where a sense of togetherness and community arose from the necessities of poverty and proximity rather than through choice. It countered the Marxist...
This task file is designed to be used by student teachers and trainees in the secondary phase, to link their college based input on EAL with their experience in school.