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This glossary item explores how to ask a good question of the E-librarian
Glossary item: Definition and commentary for the term 'Eating Disorders'.
A glossary item on Education for Sustainable Development which provides and definition, commentary and links to resources
It is very difficult to define what educational assessment means since assessment is conducted for a range of purposes by a large number of people in different contexts. The nature of any assessment will therefore reflect the purpose for which it is carried out and the context in which it is conducted. Thus, it is vitally important to be clear as to the purpose of an assessment prior to devising...
Glossary item: Definition and commentary for the term 'Emotional Development'.
A quotation about encouragement and learning from an Adlerian perspective
Definition of the term 'English as an Additional Language'
A summary of the EPPI-Centre systematic review of research literature protocol
A glossary item for ESCalate which provides useful resources and networking for ITE tutors.
Definition of the term ‘Ethnic Minority Achievement Grant’ (EMAG), its purpose and implications for schools.
Definition of the term 'Ethnic Monitoring'
Definition and explanation of the term ‘Ethnicity'
Definition of the term 'Ethnocentric'
Commentary on government initiative particularly aimed at improving the educational achievement of ‘disadvantaged’ pupils.
This glossary article by Professor Richard Andrews explores what counts as evidence in Education and in the research field of Educational Studies.
Definition and commentary on the term ‘exclusion from school’.
Definition and usage of the term ‘Free School Meals’ in educational research.
Definition of the concept of 'freedom of thought and conscience'.
Glossary item: Definition and commentary for the term 'Friendship'.
A glossary item about the work of Futurelab.