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Parental engagement in learning

Every Parent Matters, published in March 2007, creates conditions for  more parents to engage as partners at all stages in their children’s learning and development.

The involvement of parents in a child’s education has a lasting impact on their long-term achievements and social mobility and is a critical element in achieving the Every Child Matters agenda of children’s health, safety, achievement, social contribution and economic well-being. Parents, carers and families are recognized as having a vital role to play in helping their children and young people to achieve the best outcomes from their learning and school experiences.

Creating services and resources that respond to parents’ and children’s needs

Government does not bring up children - parents do, and, as such, services need to be shaped by, and responsive to, children, young people and their families. This principle underpins the Children’s Plan which sets out the goal that by 2020 parents are satisfied with the information and support they receive.

The Children's Plan: Progress Report, published in December 2008, made clear the strategy for improving parents' engagement in children's learning and development through direct support for parents and mainstreaming parental engagement as a priority through the education system.

The Government is acting to strengthen parental engagement across four strands of activity:

Going further, the White Paper Your child, your schools, our future outlined plans to legislate to: 

These commitments are being fulfilled through the introduction of the Children, Schools and Families Bill on 19 November 2009.

Resources and homework kits to support parental engagement

A range of resources are available to help parents, carers and families of school-aged children to actively engage in their child’s learning at home, and to support practitioners and intermediaries working alongside families. 

Full details are available on the Parental engagement in learning: Resources page.

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Last updated on 15/03/2010