Supporting bilingual children in the early years - R. Drury and L. Robertson, NALDIC (2008)



The unit is recommended for use by both tutors and student teachers/trainees working with children in the EYFS. It is suitable for all ITE settings including those in low diversity areas.

The unit includes sections on the social basis for learning, on play for cultural and language learning, on the importance of supporting children's bilingualism, on the stages of early bilingual learning and on strategies for both monolingual and bilingual practitioners. All sections are well informed by recent research on young bilingual learners.

The material is particularly useful in low diversity settings as it is illustrated by vignettes and transcripts of 4 bilingual children (2 in nursery and 2 in reception) which are helpful to student and trainee teachers who have had little opportunity to observe young bilingual children in their school placements.

Authors :

Leena Robertson, Rose Drury

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